Crop Circle Phenom 2

The Holland Scientific
Crop Circle Phenom 2

represents a new remote sensing tool for measuring the radiative transfer and biophysical characters of plant canopies

Measurements include: NDVI, NDRE vegetation indices, LAI and canopy chlorophyll content estimation, incident and canopy reflected PAR, canopy and air temperature, relative humidity and atmospheric pressure. Sensor data can be utilized for screening new plant varieties or for studying the plant physiological behavior. Because the system can be vehicle mounted, the system can rapidly collect plant canopy information over large agricultural landscape or research study areas. Sensor measurements are geospatially tagged and stored using a GeoSCOUT X data logger.

Phenom 2


Hail damage estimation

Nutrient and fertilizer studies

Herbicide effect/performance studies

Plant biomass quantification

Trend/detect plant vigor changes

Early disease detection

Leaf senescence studies

Turf and agricultural landscape mapping

Hybrid selection